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Sunday, September 24, 2006

What a Way to Start a Week


Just three days into the new unit life, I fell victim to illness.

It all happened during a turnout in which we had to change into the full battle order and run down to form up. This happened thrice and at the third time, while in push-up position and the FBO on my back, I succumbed to the pain.

I ended up vomitting and numbness surged through my body, from head to toe.

This turned into pain. To be specific, my lower right back and from my hamstring to my knees.

Ended up spending 2 1/2 days being warded in the sick bay at the camp's medical centre where not much treatment was given except a muscular jab, 2 litres of glucose and 6 tubes of blood extracted from me.
I almost died having needles being poked into me over and over again. Granted, for the 6 tubes of blood, they poked my skin more than 6 times.

Seeing how I was feeling no better, the doctor decided to send me to the hospital. Thankfully, I was not warded. No fractures but as the hospital doctor said, I'd prolly have something wrong with my cartilage, tissue or ligament.

Two weeks rest meaning light duty in camp lah. After which, I'll have to see a specialist.
We'll see how that goes.

In any case, walking around with a limp isn't exactly a most glamorous thing.

ALL that aside. I have more pictures to show, this time courtesy of Shahdon.
Nurul has got more pics but I'll get them another time.

A behind-the-scenes look.


The Very Narrow Backstage Area

People who like to ham it up.

Gelek Sambal

The Unexplainable

The Virgin Suicides

And one last look before the curtains fall. Literally.


Folding Cloth is Always Fun

And the Stage is No More

In Such Crazy Times

Isn't so hard to find something to make me smile. Heehee.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sketching Life's Newest Chapter

And yes, I'm out of Tekong. Ta-ta lil' island!

Post-POP, it was straight to work with a press conference cum interview with Daniel Wu.
Visit www.moviexclusive.com for the feature.

The highlight had to be the production that spanned the weekend.
First time ever doing 5 shows at a go. It got pretty exhausting particularly on the first day.

Here are some pics.

At work & play

Of course, we found time to take a break for dinner and all.

Bon Appetit

The show went pretty well and am very happy. Despite that, got pretty irritable when the fact started sinking in that I'd be reporting to my new unit Monday morning.

Where am I going?


The Light

"Why oh why? What happened to wishing upon a shooting star?"

In any case, I refuse to let it bother me while I finish off this entry with a beautiful picture taken at the end of the show earlier this evening.

Sketches: A Story of Hope

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happiness Redefined

The Happy One

This lad is smiling because he is happy.
He is happy because he's going to POP.
He's been waiting for 13th Sep for so long.
Tis' the day he'll be leaving Tekong.
(and never to come back he hopes. nyehehe.)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sketches: A Story of Hope

Sketches: A Story of Hope

Another promotion, this time a play.

Despite being in NS, I've managed to find time to produce a show with my wonderful team of people at Yellow Chair Productions.

It's called Sketches: A Story of Hope and it's being staged in support of the Yellow Ribbon Project.

When is it?

3 shows on:
16th September @ 2pm, 5pm, 8pm

2 shows on:
17th September @ 2pm & 5pm

How much for a ticket?

Just $4.

Where is it held?

In ROOM 3F at Tampines Central CC.
It's at Level 3.

For directions to the venue, feel free to ask! Don't assume it's at the other Tampines CC's.

How to get tickets?

You can contact me or you can contact the guy who's jaga-ing the bookings,
Yazid @ 91274745

Come and watch okay?

Singapore Dreaming

7th September will mark the nationwide release of Singapore Dreaming, the latest offering from Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen, the duo behind Talking Cock.

This movie is a vivid account of the reality of living in Singapore and I personally give it a 4 star rating.

I think you should go watch this movie.

And I know where you can do so for just $6.

The wonderful team at Moviexclusive.com invites you to a special screening of Singapore Dreaming on 12th September.
Venue: GV Plaza
Time: 645 pm

How do you purchase the tickets?

Click the following link to find out more!


This is what I call a uniquely Singapore concotion!
Singapore Dreaming

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