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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sketches: A Story of Hope

Sketches: A Story of Hope

Another promotion, this time a play.

Despite being in NS, I've managed to find time to produce a show with my wonderful team of people at Yellow Chair Productions.

It's called Sketches: A Story of Hope and it's being staged in support of the Yellow Ribbon Project.

When is it?

3 shows on:
16th September @ 2pm, 5pm, 8pm

2 shows on:
17th September @ 2pm & 5pm

How much for a ticket?

Just $4.

Where is it held?

In ROOM 3F at Tampines Central CC.
It's at Level 3.

For directions to the venue, feel free to ask! Don't assume it's at the other Tampines CC's.

How to get tickets?

You can contact me or you can contact the guy who's jaga-ing the bookings,
Yazid @ 91274745

Come and watch okay?


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