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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blink - Day 13 - Blink

In a couple of blinks, Ramadan passed and now, after a couple more blinks, it's thirteen days into Hari Raya. The past thirteen days has been mighty cozy and family time amidst the marking of exam scripts.

This year's celebrations have been a little subdued with the passing of my maternal grandfather quietly and suddenly about exactly a month ago. Therefore, it's been no surprise that there's been a bit more family time during the first two weeks of Hari Raya.

There have been a lot more conversations with cousins, a lot more hugs from the aunts and words of wisdom from the uncles. All that aside, this year's, there's been a mighty lot of children all around. Sure the food has been glorious all around, the children have been tops. There have been lots of laughter and moments that make children, well, children.

I'm really glad I have a mighty big family and I'm happy that family time on my side is extended to at least a good two weeks. In this year of somewhat muted celebrations, I guess this feels about right. And for good measure, somehow, I failed to snap any pictures from this year's celebrations despite bringing the darned thing along. Guess the moments are meant to be kept where they ought to be kept, in our hearts.


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