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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monsoon Reviews

Monsoon has just ended and it was quite the whirlwind! Haha!

Here are some reviews of the production from different blogs.

"I found myself laughing my ass off throughout the play, and crying at the end of the play."

"I felt that the cast was great!"

"My verdict after watching? As the blog title said:
It was horrible."

It's always interesting when you get differing views about your production.
It allows you to sit down and reflect to see how one can better one's self for the next one.
Don't you think?

Though, I must say I'm a tad hurt by the third one but hey. *shrugs*


Blogger shah said...

HEI!!!!.....i damn love ur show guys!!...it's very dramatic..,funny,...and romantic...
how i wish i want 2 watch it again....like everydae..
aniwae...i love you sophelia!!!!...but not mastura, ok?...
shai!!can you pas mie the video monsoon..i would like 2 watch all over again...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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