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Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Finale Thoughts

Michael Johns

The man who SHOULD HAVE won American Idol Season 7 I say! Haha!

Although his wasn't the best rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody ever but he did a respectable job singing it during the Hollywood round and it was the offset of my Queen fandom, but that's another story for another day.

Oh well.

Thank God for Season 7 after what was a bloody lacklustre Season 6, which I didn't really bother to keep up with.

For this season, I had my eye candy in the form of Kristie Lee Cook, who did overstay on the show and Ramiele Malubay, who had too short a stay! Oh, Ramiele also made it to my desktop and she got voted out that week! Saded. As for Kristi, I wanted her on my desktop but my desktop was too cluttered and I wouldn't have been able to see her face.

Still, I was rooting for Michael Johns and for one who was supporting Michael Johns the whole time, after his unexpected elimination, I went with David Cook for American Idol.
And guess what, I was right! Woohoo!

In tHIS Moment - David Cook

At home, it was just like a normal Barclay's Premier League showdown. I usually have a war of words with Dad over Manchester United and my beloved Newcastle United and it was no different this time, instead it was with Mum!

She's with Camp Archuleta and she couldn't stop bombarding me with SMS-es like Archuleta is best! forever... during the finals, which I was thankfully, watching from camp as I was on duty!

Simon had unfairly "granted" the title to Archuleta on the finale night itself and I was very pleased that he apologized for being very unfair to David Cook. And I admire the guy for that. Actually, if you don't quite know till now, I'm quite the fan of Simon Cowell. And oh, although totally not Idol related, I like Jose Mourinho too. Arrogant bastards but they're good at what they do! Woo!

So, admittedly, David Archuleta did perform his songs better on the overall but the kid lacks charisma. He didn't follow Andrew Lloyd Webber's advice not to close his eyes all the time! I like good voices but they've got to come with a personality don't you think? Well, start listening to David Cook and you'll know what I mean.

I had a slight feeling that Cook might not win actually considering fortune does not favour the rocker. Remember Bo Bice? Remember Chris Daughtry? Or even Constantin Maroulis. Gees, making me sound like a rocker and all! Haha!

Anyhow, Idol fever's over for now. Onwards to Singapore Idol 3!

Oh wait, that's not going to happen now is it?


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