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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

D'lish [210308 - 240308 Trip]

And so the KL makan trip continues! We still had quite a distance to go before we could makan the one true love! Haha!

We walked around Mid Valley, contemplating what to eat. We stopped in front of various restaurants, looked inside then walked away. And soon enough, the group decided to settle on...



This was because they remembered my blog entry about D'lish from my last trip in December.
Well, let's just say that no one of us regretted the visit.

Apparently, I had the same dish as the last time! Haha!
Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara. I think the serving was slightly bigger this time as it was pretty filling!

Had my Pasta with a side of Potato Salad dashed with Heinz Chilli!

This was some duck Pasta, forgot the name lah.

Taufiq looming over his duck pasta. He too finished his meal.

Zul's Peking Duck Breaded thingy which I tried.

I must say that although Duck did taste a lot like Chicken, the texture's a bit too weird for me.

I was a bit reluctant at first to go back to D'lish because while I said I enjoyed the cupcakes, I must say I jumped the gun a bit too fast the last time.

It wasn't until I visited Bisou that I discovered the true meaning of a cupcake.

Alas, I didn't have the cupcake this trip... I'm sure you'll know why. Hehe. Up next!


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