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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sketching Life's Newest Chapter

And yes, I'm out of Tekong. Ta-ta lil' island!

Post-POP, it was straight to work with a press conference cum interview with Daniel Wu.
Visit www.moviexclusive.com for the feature.

The highlight had to be the production that spanned the weekend.
First time ever doing 5 shows at a go. It got pretty exhausting particularly on the first day.

Here are some pics.

At work & play

Of course, we found time to take a break for dinner and all.

Bon Appetit

The show went pretty well and am very happy. Despite that, got pretty irritable when the fact started sinking in that I'd be reporting to my new unit Monday morning.

Where am I going?


The Light

"Why oh why? What happened to wishing upon a shooting star?"

In any case, I refuse to let it bother me while I finish off this entry with a beautiful picture taken at the end of the show earlier this evening.

Sketches: A Story of Hope


Blogger LD said...

Hellooooo Mr Movie Reviewer! Think you could send me pics from Sketches if you have any? I want!

Hahaha thankewwww. =))

Friday, September 22, 2006


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