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Monday, July 16, 2007

To Crash and To Burn

I read this off someone's blog, someone who doesn't know me...YET.

"You have to hit rock bottom before you make your way up again."

How true, I said to myself.

You see, I'm certain each one of us has that little bit of a sadist nature in all of us, for most, tucked deeply away in the darkest corners of our hearts.

And if you want to know my secret sadist wish, this is it.

With the amount of projects piling up on my plate, I secretly long for a day where I will crash and burn, totally exhausted, my body numb where I cannot muster enough strength to even speak. But, when all of it is out of the system, I will stand stronger than before and I continue doing the things I do just like before, only with an added zest.

It's somewhat like a mini-rebirth.

I've had it once a couple of years back but till the next one comes then...

Monday, July 02, 2007

History Crumbles

Being a part of history always makes one feel important especially when it is strongly affiliated with the country.

Courtest of Yaz who is on attachment at the Sports Council, Fiq and I got a pair of tickets. I mean, grandstand seats on the final day? Who was to complain?

And so, after a disappointing defeat at the hands of the Australians (but we had our moments, we could've scored), the finale that followed was fitting but somehow a tad disappointing.

The highlight of the evening though had to be the Kallang Wave. It was never the same as the matches from yesteryear but it sufficed I guess. Fiq and I were two crazed fellows, lost in the anticipation for our turn to do the wave.

And when the Stadium crumbles, so will the memories of the place. But I guess, the new Sports Hub will be a fitting piece to the newer and bigger puzzle that Singapore is piecing.

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