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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Miss My Students!

I miss a lot a lot of people and lately, my phonecalls from camp have been made to my parents and people who I really need to discuss production plans with and as a result, have led to me not calling many others and also my bunkmates' lamentations that I'm very much an assertive person over the phone (haiyah. want to get things done what!)

In any case, as much as I miss a lot of people in my life right now, I have been complaining to some of my close buddies in camp about missing my students.

Bleah. and it doesn't help in knowing that a friend will be starting work tomorrow at his alma mater and will be doing what I love doing.

I haven't seen my students for the longest time and haven't really heard from them 'scept for the occassional testimonials they've given me on Friendster.

Wells, can't wait for BMT to end so I could swing by school one day and see them.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six Harrowing Days


Sand in my pants most of the time.

Mud on the outside.

Hidden cuts, wounds and bruises.

A little harrowing.

Six days without bathing.

Holding my shit for as long as I could.

Digging a hole to shit in and closing it up. UTTER GROSSNESS!

Jumping into mimosa plants.

Sandfly bites.

Wildboar encounters.

Creepy crawlies everywhere.

But ultimately,


and THANK GOD for that!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

That Cast Party

I'm sure a lot of y'all want to see more pics of the NS me.
Here's a pictorial taken during the New Wave Cast Party that happened at the Alumni Medical Centre at the end of my confinement period.

Here we go!

Earth to Guz!

L-R: Michelle, Guz, Siying

The Crazy Caucasian Paul Hannon and Me

Tanya and I in a eeeewww moment

The Very Lovely Tanya

Guz and Me again!

Me and Hawk!!!

and here comes the Recruit

Hawk Liu is the man responsible for the pictures. I kinda forced him to take those pics! Hahakz.
In any case, I think I look horrigible in that last picture. BAh!
And I missed taking more pics with more people!

Will post more pics when I get the chance to take them!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Kopi with Royston

Remember last weekend I mentioned about meeting Royston Tan for an interview?

Wells, here's a picture from that interview and also the very first picture of me that the world has seen since I enlisted!

Someone said I look like Randy Jackson there. Bloody hell!

In any case, Stefan did a wonderful job on the article and you can read it here:

My Friend Nughul (sorry Shah!)

See lah. Stuck inside camp, don't know what's going on outside.
Book out only, I discover this!

Nurul who most recently wrote "Bella" for Yellow Chair Productions has left her job at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and has signed with threegkarma as a research-writer cum assistant producer!

You rock lah girl!



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