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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Short & Sweet Singapore 2007

Hello all. Coming straight off my celebrating a year's worth of events, I'm here to promote a new show! And guess what?
I'm back at the Playden @ The Arts House, baby.
See the poster below?

I'm directing a play written by Lynx Ng called "Jump".
It'll be on 21st April 2007, Saturday at 3pm.
Tickets are available through SISTIC.
And oh, if you enjoy our play, do vote for us.
Then you might see us again at the Gala Night on 2nd May at the Esplanade.
Have you clicked on the poster?
If you haven't, do it now! Go see the link!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary(s)!

Close to you, I promise to be true
No matter what it takes, I will forsake
To live my life as full as I can
Just for you, I will always love you
Although I may not say
I’ll hold you closer to my heart
Close to me… This I’ll stay

To my "Closer to Your Heart" team, bloody hell, it's been a friggin' year to the day we showed them what we had at the Playden. Wow.
And of course, despite the belated wish here, it still means a whole lot.
To my "Tainted Flower" team, the production was a stepping stone. Let's make sure our next one takes us a step higher.

To all you wonderful people who made March 2006 a blast of a time.
Thank you.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Peek at Our Auditions

As promised, here's a look at the behind-the-scenes of our Chronicles of Maria Auditions!
Anyone who said auditioning is fun should take a look at the following!

Shahdon here proving that even Guest Relation Officers have it hard. Poor fellow.

Mastura looking like a happy camper for a moment only, when welcoming the auditionees.

Sarah, on the other hand, got a little frustrated with things and tried using her head for once.

Yazid and Sue got into a fight when Yazid couldn't decide what colour underwear to wear to the Kids' Central Audition. (For the record, he didn't go)

Taufiq started having gay tendencies by watching re-runs of Tainted Flower.

Zul in his natural comfort zone, as most animals would during feeding hours.

And here's a look at an audition itself!

Sometimes, judges get disgruntled.

Sometimes, when things got pretty rough, they got pretty stressed!
But all in all, it was all good.
We had an encouraging number of auditionees in total and we're quite happy with the selected ones. More Maria stories to come in due time!

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