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Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Big Fat Idea

Okay, now this one y'all really must watch one okay?

Showing this coming Wednesday, 28th June 2006 on Channel 5 at 730pm is My Big Fat Idea, a series created by Kenny Tan on people in Singapore who have well, big fat ideas.

Featured in this upcoming episode is none other than Dr. Kenneth Lyen, who is looked upon as the godfather/incubator of local musicals.

As said in his email,

MY BIG FAT IDEAWednesday 28th 2006 at 7:30 pm Channel 5MUST WATCH Channel 5 documentary about The New Waves (March and June) next Wednesday. The program is part of a series on creativity in Singapore, directed by our very own multi-prizewinning filmmaker, Kenny Tan. Watch out for: Sim Siying, August Lum, Hawk Liu, Luke Kwek, Esther Yang, Shahdon, Shaiful, Frederick Lin, Tanya Tan, Dominic Wong, CC Leong, Hemang Yadav, Harsha Ramchandai, Adelynn Tan, Lance Dubos, Ramkumar, Nurashikin, Siti Mastura, Aishah Mohd Noor, Dhaniah Suhana, Chong Yi Han, Leslie Tay, Windson Liong, Marcelly Suhali, Ghazali (Guz), Gavin Low, Peggy Ferroa, Paul Hannon, Philip Sim, Desmond Moey, Wahidah, and others,

Hehehe. I get a brief 4 second appearance lah. Closer to Your Heart cast and crew also get featured as does Frederick's songs! Hehehe.
Saw the rough cut already lah, so y'all must watch okay?

What Time Is It?

Finally had an interview with Royston Tan for MX. Stefan was nice enough to hold it over the weekend so I could conduct the interview.

It was an interesting interview I must say. Stefan and Richard (designated cameraman) will be working on the article, which will be up by the time I next book out.

Meanwhile, watch 4:30!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Time A Flyin'

Managed to squeeze in a quickie here!

Golly gees, how time flies.

However, truth be told, I hope it flies even faster. I cannot wait for September.
I want to get this over and done with.

3 weeks done. 12 more to go. Sigh.

I wish I could disclose and tell you stories about what has happened thus far but I can't.
Confidential matters and all that yada yada.

When I get to see y'all over the weekends, then maybe can tell you more stories. Meantime, this is it for now.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

To Serve the Nation.

Dearest friends and readers,

For the next two weeks, there probably wouldn't be any updates on this blog.

By the time you read this, I would have arrived at Tekong to begin my 2 year stint with the Army.

Yes people, the time has come for me to enlist and I still cannot believe that it is here.
I'm still not bloody particularly prepared, still packing at the last minute but trying to maintain a positive outlook on things in the meantime.

I suppose there'll be much that I will miss during my two weeks of confinement there but I guess better things will come afterwards, or at least, I hope.

Pray for my safety. Miss me as much as I'll miss you.
I'll be back before you know it.

The Search for Mukhsin Feature Length Pictorial

Hello everyone.
Didn't have the time to do a feature length report on my KL Trip.
Might do one when I finally have the time.

Meanwhile, here's a full pictorial of my 3 days there with Stefan while we visited the set of Yasmin Ahmad's latest film, "Mukhsin".


Boarding the bus

Counterfeit Ramly

Spacious hotel

Kenny Rogers

Uncle Lim's

Moving about on the Monorail

To Chinatown

McDonald's...WAH LAU

Walking the lonely road

Up early

Major Hotel Breakfast

Rushing by

Commuter Train to Klang

Cab from Klang

Kuala Selangor Bus Station


Director/Cast Van

Endless Padi

The leads and me

Guess who!

Ancient Toilet

On set

Think Big...Or Not


Banter during rest

The caterer's tent

The makan beneath the tent

It gets a little crowded sometimes...


What Lies Beyond or Behind


Little Sister

Elder Sister

To inspire

Gladiator Moment


End of shoot

Catered Dinner

Hotdog Supper


Vanish Ad Set

Spot us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


The New Wave!

A quick plug to an event which I cannot attend. Bleah.

In any case, remember the musical, Closer to Your Heart, that I did in March as part of The Next Wave?

Wells, come 9th-11th June, six new musicals will be staged.

Click on the poster for more details!

Support support!

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