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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tainted Flower

Friends, Readers, Beloved,

It's production time again! Hahakz!

Take a look at the poster below.

Tainted Flower Posted by Picasa

This production is a very personal one considering it's Yellow Chair Productions' Inaugural Play.
This has also been one of the hardest scripts I've written so far. Ides of March was a bit different lah. I had Shakespeare helping me out back then. This one that Iskandar and I co-wrote is a purely original one. And oh, without giving too much away, the story will also challenge both my cheesy and dark limitations.

I know the venue might be a tad far for my west side friends but it's cheap cheap leh. Hahakz.
And things are looking great that we're all waiting for 3rd March to come!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Wish I Was Forever Happy

I'm not one to usually put pictures to my poems but after I was inspired by one of my darling Furball's works, I got her to specially do one for me. Hahakz.

So, we'll see that one when she's done with it. I'm not even sure which poem she's working on actually.

Meantime, I was going through my poems and I remembered the poem, I Wish I Was Forever Happy, which was actually inspired by the picture below.

My friend, Raihan, the model in the picture, showed me this picture of her back then. Inspired by what she had done with it, I was inspired to write something and dedicated it to her. And thus, the short poem in the picture below was born.

Yes, she's smiling but the bigger picture of her kneeling on a desolate street and looking skywards represents what we all feel and want at times. The desire to be happy in this life we're living, the things we do and the people we love.
It amazed me two years, it amazes me still.


I Wish I Was Forever Happy Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Okay. This is plain weird.

I had my entry dated 4th Feb up yesterday and this afternoon, it's gone!?!?!

What the hell happened?

Anyone knows?

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