I am The Shai.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Above All Things

The heart is foolish,
A victim of its own deceit.
The heart is stubborn,
It weakens with every beat.
Above all, the heart is a keeper of things rancid.

It will not listen, it wouldn't budge,
Leave it be with its one track mind.
Think it to be the superior instrument,
Only nothingness at the end it will find.
Above all, the heart is the fickle-minded kind.

It may listen to your sweet nothings,
But it knows they're what they are, nothing.
And nothing you do can make my heart the same again,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chicken Pox Chronicles

Who would've thought? Who would've guessed?

2 different people from the same club getting chicken pox over the space of 2 weeks. Acceptable? Well, yeah.

But, when the 2nd person infects 7 others from the club and a cousin? It's time to burn him alive. Haha.

This post was intended for Sunday, but apparently, I've not had much strength over the past few days to do this proper.

I look worse than the Phantom of the Opera and any monster you've seen captured on celluloid.

This damn illness has taken a toll on my body in a way I had least expected it to.

And there wasn't any Mothers' Day Celebration because my parents had to take me to the hospital instead. Bleah.

And appetite? Next to nothing.

Golly gees, I had apples for dinner last night.

If any of you think I'm enjoying myself at home, it's far from it. Sigh.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Day of Nothing-ness.

A Sunday where I did nothing.

Ok, for 90% of the time. Still, almost nothing.

Didn't even touch a single piece of work.

Napped. And then napped again. I know you'll be proud of me for that. :p

And then I did nothing.

Felt good. Somewhat.

Still, I think I need a much needed break from the "shit-hole".

Soon. Soon.

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