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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Voice of an Angel

It felt heavenly if you're asking me to describe my feelings about the show.
Yes, I attended the Siti Live 2005 concert with my mum.
Not a fanboy but which guy is not an admirer of hers aye?

In Sin City, Marv mentions how Goldie smells like an angel ought to.
If I die tonight, and an angel sings for me, Siti's voice would be the one I want to hear.
"She sings like how angels ought to sound."
It is without a doubt that she's the Voice of Asia.
And it is no doubt too that her fans love her, every bit.

Siti Nurhaliza Posted by Picasa

Siti Nurhaliza had the audience eating out of her hands. Every joke, every song, every beat.
The audience lapped it up with much love and it was love that Siti gave her fans.
For someone who would prefer plays over concerts, I was blown away by her vocal prowess. To finally hear it live raised more than a few hairs on my body and I mean that in a good way.
The Shah Rukh Khan concerts cater to a niche group lah, so, technically I haven't really been to singing concerts per se.

And I think she's come a long way. She's definitely able to dance better now and the timely choreography for the traditional Malay songs were perfect.
She made the audience laugh, made us sing Bukan Cinta Biasa (No Ordinary Love) and "forced" us to stretch ourselves and dance!

Despite starting a half hour late, Siti's concert was practically flawless.
I've only one thing to say to Siti and that would be for her to come back again soon and I'm pretty certain there are same sentiments from everyone in attendance.


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