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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Yes, the show premiered on our TV screens back on June 9th.
And I recall Mei asking why I haven't promoted LOST, the show I'm very much addicted to.

The simple reason is that I FORGOT. BAH.

But here I am, long overdue, but here.

Maggie Grace from LOST Posted by Picasa

I know, I know. It's actually a wallpaper from the Channel 5 website.
But it's not adorning my desktop, FYI. Neil Gaiman is. But I'll save that story still. Hahakz.

Maggie Grace plays Shannon, my favourite female character on the show for obvious reasons lah!
Otherwise, it would be Locke played by Terry Quinn.
Mei and Peiyu,
If the Channel 5 website had a wallpaper of Locke, I would've REALLY put it up here instead okay?

'Tis funny how I have friends who were not too keen on LOST at first.
Reasons being, "What's on the island? Dinosaurs?"
"Reminds me of Lost World".
"I'm tired of dinosaurs"
(Wait till you see King Kong in December, I say)

But But But.
These friends are following the show religiously every week.

LOST has a pilot episode which rivals most shows. High octane level, adrenaline, intensity and emotions all thrown in, hell, it was a fantastic ride!
But, as you know by now, things have mellowed a bit right?
That's only because the show is all about character development on the superficial aspect of it and all subtle underneath (you'll learn more about this as the show progresses. E.g. The "magic" numbers, different happenings, etc)

I'm starting to think about cosmic harmony in this world, but I might be wrong.

I had many questions as before I started watching the series.
And now, after watching the whole first season, not many questions have been answered.
ANd yes, WE who have watched STILL don't know what those "creatures" are. Tough.

On another note, LOST is only for the patient.
If you're able to endure 25 episodes, and still crave for more, like the lot of us, welcome to the club.

To read more about LOST and ONLY visit this LINK below because it is through Mediacorp.
If you visit the MAIN WEBSITE, you might get affected by the spoilers.
Visit http://ch5.mediacorptv.com/lost5/

Enjoy getting lost.


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