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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How Blue Was Redhill Blues?

This is coming in a bit delayed but nonetheless, I'm going to give my take on "Redhill Blues", a play by drama.republic of Republic Polytechnic.
Somehow, anyone's first performance should always be held dear to one's heart.
As for me, it reminded me of my first time.

The first time Bottled Dreams was staged was way over a year ago and you cannot imagine how happy I was back then. What I remembered clearly were the challenges and obstacles staging the play and later, the criticism and feedback that bemoaned it.
But, with every attempt, first or not, we all learn and better ourselves the next opportunity we get.
And to drama.republic, the same goes.

Some of my PSF members who went said "Redhill Blues" reminded them of "Bottled Dreams" in terms of props and lighting and even bits of the story.
However, I'm sorry to say that I didn't really connect with the play.

But, that's as much of a problem I had with it.
I applaud the club for their effort spent the last 3 months in putting up the performance. Being their first, it is commendable.
The stage direction was well-done and the script wasn't too bad either.
(I must say, giving the middle finger to a Raja was a hoot!)
The music by the ethnic drummers were appropriate to the mood and atmosphere of the play.
And the ensemble was quite alright in representing the more subtle messages of the play.
Then, there was the acting.
I must say that drama.republic has a number of strong actors; in this, actors who are to able to break out from their individual shell and inhibit another persona.
And I must single out characters like Ida Bakuteh and Woman MP, Puja Purushotaman. I'm very certain their respective performances left a strong impression on the audience and would've been the talk of those in attendance, on their way home.

So, I sound pretty satisfied with the play. Yet, unable to connect with it.
Truth is, I felt the play could have been longer. It could then have given more room for characterisation and in turn, allow the audience to connect with the respective characters.

For drama.republic, the ship has set sail. And I hope the horizon they are headed for will be a bright one. It's not a competition between us all but rather, to have another poly drama club coming up signifies that there is hope for our youth, the local theatre scene and, it just goes to show that there are more of us who share the same passion!!!

Onward to August 19th then!


Blogger Maman said...

Not everyone in the cast are from the club. They did the same as what we did; campus-wide auditions.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you friend, for everything!

^ yul ^

Thursday, July 14, 2005


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