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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bloggers.SG 2005

After a long night out with the movieXclusive gang, I doubted my ability to attend the Bloggers.SG Convention. (Ok, so partly a reason was that I had no one to go with me)
but my luck changed when Stefan suggested the idea. The rest refused though and Richard, you'll see why you should be feeling regretful right now for not joining us.

Anyhoo, Zallie joined Stefan and myself and we had to queue outside DXO! Singapore everything also must queue right? I was expecting a very big crowd but I think we got a good number. 400 maybe? But no complains lah, the queue wasn't particularly long and I saw familiar faces inside. Didn't expect Adi, Skye and Rahman to be there too. So, hung around them and then............

Mr.Brown welcomes us

Yep. Mr. Brown started the ball rolling by welcoming us and soon enough we got started with the event proper. I'm not gonna go into full details of what transpired. I'm sure everyone else will be blogging about that.
Note: Mr. Miyagi arrived fashionably late and I still couldn't spot Kenny Sia or XiaXue for that matter. And somehow, I was curious to see what The CalmOne looks like (to no avail of course)

This Kenny Sia fellow hor. The last time he was in Singapore, I saw him walking alone at Wisma and I thought I had the wrong person!
And then and then, I spotted him!

Kenny Sia makes his appearance!!!

Kenny was invited to talk about the Malaysian blogosphere and he's a very affable chap!

Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Brown being interviewed

This was as close as I got to the 2 gurus. Either they made disappearing acts or they were being swarmed. Bahhh.
Meanwhile, Adi decided to interview me as well.

Me being interviewed by Adi's group

I was telling Zallie how I felt so much like a Kenny Sia fanboy! Ok, so I read his blog everyday. But so does everyone else what!
Anyhoo, during the break, I saw him lurking around the lounge area and jumped at the chance and I got away with this!
Coincidentally, my friend Rahman wanted to take a picture with Kenny but my battery died on me and Kenny was nice enough to take a picture of them with HIS camera and promised to send it to Rahman when Rahman emails Kenny. Get it? Nemind lah.
Kenny's a nice guy okays?

Kenny Sia and Me!!!

Wells, since we spotted Kenny, XiaXue wasn't too far off. She was busy being interviewed herself but the both of us just went ahead. Rahman asked her and she, being the nice princess that she is, took a pic with us.

Rahman, XiaXue and Me

And that's us towering over her. To which she said we were evil. Hahaha.

Rahman and Adi left soon after and they missed out on the finale. Hahaha. The bellydancers!
And this goes out to you too okay Richard?

*Guess who Kenny was seated next to during the whole bellydancing segment?*


Should've been there yourself!


The 4 Bellydancers Posted by Picasa

The girls were not bad lah! The two in white and red were the Ooh-La-La ones.
And no, we were shy enough to take pics with them.
But, first up was Kenny!!!! (As always right?) Hahakz.

And Mr. Brown, we all saw you on the stage too and no, we went tell your wife.

I couldn't attend the party afterwards, having to attend a family dinner but on the overall, I felt Bloggers. SG 2005 was success despite its shortcomings. And, I had fun.

Go to http://tomorrow.sg for more reports!


Anonymous mei said...

Erm, I've never gone to Kenny Sia's blog in my life :P


Monday, July 18, 2005

Blogger Stefan S said...

no prizes guessing who took the kenny sia pic :P

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blogger Lecter said...


Yes, I wore yellow and you should read Kenny's.

Yes Yes!

Sunday, July 24, 2005


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