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Thursday, April 21, 2005

To Hell Marches the Ides Brigade...

"We're all going to hell"

Or so believes the cast and crew of The Ides of March.
With our constant mocking of each other, disturbing jokes and bitchy remarks, we've all booked our passport to hell.
We had Fadhil spouting "Repent! Repent!" back then and now we've got Rashad saying "You're going to hell. Heck, we're all going to hell."

Wanna know what else is disturbing?
When you can start to draw comparisons between the play and the people you're doing it with.

Electric Chair + Moby Dick + Molecule = Quirky Constantine Attempt Gone Wrong.

On another note, a stage version of Archie and gang?
We've found our Moose! "Duhhhh!"

I've got one more year of polytechnic life left.
Unless, I extend my stay due to unforeseen circumstance.
Then again, no offence here, but Adi and I realised that Poly Stage Factor's last president and vice-president both extended their stay for 6 months.
We must be realistic (rightttt) and be afraid. Really afraid.
Pleasantly surprised to see an AD (distinction) in the SMS that I received in the morning. The rest were C's and C+'s lah and one B+...but still...my first A grade in poly. Heh.
For which module? Advanced Speech Training. Hehe.
And as the cast members appeared one by one, everyone telling about them passing their exams, I mentioned to Adi, "I'm waiting for a failure story".

And I felt like slapping myself when Dayana came in flustered. Heh.

So, Kim Heng, how? Does it mean the bitch is back? WAhahahaha...

Dayana knows I'm kidding around. Sorry Tana. Heh.

She kinda justified our point about presidents and vice-presidents of clubs extending their stays though. Hehe.

P.S. Go buy this month's edition of MANJA.

After having a conversation with a friend regarding respect not too long ago, I came across this.

"You believe that flag burning shows disrespect towards those who have fought to preserve our freedoms. Punishing protestors shows an even more profound disrespect for the ideals that these people died for. An intact flag is worthless if it no longer stands for freedom. A flag burned to ashes challenges us to remember just exactly what freedom is."
(Dr. Mary Ruwart, The Liberator Online)

I really like the last two lines.
Such powerful words might just inspire a story. Heh.


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