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Monday, April 18, 2005


I chuckled when I was reading today's edition of The New Paper.
In the thick of the casino debate, I found humour in a report about a jaguar escaping from a zoo. Heh.

Now, the issue might have escalated into national security had the jaguar escaped from the Mandai compounds but I couldn't help but laugh at a particular visitor's reaction when he had heard a roar. Heh.

As he heard the roar, he roared in return to the amusement of his nieces and nephews. He did this a couple of times without knowing of course that a jaguar was on the loose, not until a zookeeper came running by.
This, in turn, reminded me of Neil Humphreys' article in Today a few days back about a train station attendant back in the UK, who rushed forth to tell him that he was seated on a bench that might have been where a bomb had been hidden under.

Anyhow, what the visitor was what Zul or myself would actually do. No surprises there.
Imagine me or Zul running around the zoo being chased by a female jaguar. Ted Hughes would've laughed at the very sight of it.
Anyhow, incidents like this by no means pave the way for a film or even a tv movie.
You'll prolly see us on some Animals Gone Wild show over on AXN or some Animal Home Video show on repeat mode on Channel 5.

Anyhow, the article can be found at:



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