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Friday, April 15, 2005


I'm not shutting down massb.tk but from now on, things will probably more active around here...
I'm moving away from all that jazz to plain simplicity...

Here's where I left off...

New Zealand plus NP Strings Concert plus Production Camp equals to not much time to update this blog.I still haven't moved. Am having second thoughts. Heh.

I had a most wonderful time in Middle Earth.
I want to go back.
I miss waking up to the mountains.
I miss seeing the sun set on the lakes.
I miss the cool air.

Its pathetic when one mistakes a pile of sand in a quarry to be a mountain. Heh. Hallucinations.

When I've posted my almost 200 pics up somewhere, I'll tell y'all aight?
It's mainly scenery though and the LOTR locations...that is if you're interested...

NP Strings concert, Virtuoso XII, went quite well I must say.
'Scept for the incident that made Le Madame' angry.
And, was pretty surprised when we were told that we were the best hosts they've had in a while. Heh.
Rounded off the wonderful night with some Raspberry Frap from Starbucks. Lovely.

Yellow Chair Productions. How does that sound?

Production Camp for three WHOLE nights went just as well. I felt I really bonded with some of the cast if not most.
Can't say so for certain people.

Late night sleeping.
Word Games a playing.
Cards a shuffling.
Production up and going.
Pillow sharing.
Butts a shaking.
Legs/Thighs were aching.
Moby Dick-ing.
Watermelon spitting.
Watermelon puking.
Hamster-killer hunting.
Lectures so boring.
Forfeits were missing.
Music a blaring.
Guys a karaoke-ing.
Everyone dancing.

That somehow sums up the camp. Hehe...
Rehearsals start proper as of next week.
Time to work.

Opening Night: 19th August 2005.


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