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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Theatre Deprivation Syndrome

Theatre deprivation syndrome.
It occurs when an ardent movie go-er fails to watch a movie for a minimum period of at least 2 weeks.
Almost 3 weeks for my case.
Ended up with 3 movies in 2 days regardless the subject matter or level of crappiness...

Guess Who

It was a fairly mediocre movie that had few laughs but appropriate emotional moments. And it was a remake. Nonetheless, one should look out for Ashton Kutcher's next vehicle, "A Lot Like Love"

The Pacifier

I had more laughs watching this than the previous movie. Then again, the whole premise has been done before and I wasn't too pleased with the outcome.

Wet Dreams

Thankfully, the end result wasn't too sticky. Another mediocre serving. The sight of boys riding up pull-up poles made me squirm. And there seems to be a sequel coming up with girls in the spotlight instead. Hmmm...

And now, I'm left with $2. Right.
But that won't stop me from watching the movies that are being screened during the 18th Singapore International Film Festival.

Booked these three so far:

Brothers (Danish)
Samaritan Girl (Korean)
Tropical Malady (Thai)

Might book these few:

Vital (Japanese)
Cafe Lumiere (Japanese/Taiwanese)
Of Love and Eggs (Indonesian)
Land of Plenty (German)


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