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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Sentosa Pictorial

Alritey folks! For some of you, like a certain Mr. YK who cannot wait for these pictures to be up, here they are now!
There's a whole bunch of them from my camera and I'm sure there were lotsa others who also took pics. But here's just a taste of the action from the island of Sentosa!

And oh, did I mention that I was the ONLY guy around?

Station Mistresses getting briefed

As you can see, most were dressed in GREEN. It was only a "die-die" situation that we could wear white.

Participants getting briefed

The response was pretty good!

Janice giving instructions

Now, while Janice is giving out the instructions, take a look at what's going on behind her. I'm not sure what we all were doing but the picture surely looks like the types you get for your oral examinations!

"Can we have your sunglasses?

One of the tasks at one of the stations included obtaining objects such as seashelles, name tag of staff of Sentosa and sunglasses!

Blow Wind Blow!!

This was the one station that made me laugh, laugh and laugh even more seeing people walking around without realising there was flour on their faces.

Words fail me!

Definitely one of the funniest pictures I discovered inside my camera!

Aishah explaining the wonders of AXION soap

As always, Aishah shines! Hahakz. I have no idea what exactly she was trying to say here but it sure as hell seems like a makcik telling her friends about how great the latest product in the market is! *Sorry Aishah!*

No one's bothered by the camera

As you can see, me in the pain-to-our-eyes outfit being a cam-whore while the rest simply can't be bothered.

The people who made the event happen!

This picture is testament as to how the ECH Society has come a long way from a year and a half ago when we only had like 4 members carrying the club. Things have changed and the future seems all too good for us all! Yippee! Yet another event successfully accomplished!

Group #7 aka The Pau(s) Posted by Picasa

And this is the group of ladies who made my day!
Considering I was supposed to be a station master, I ended up being their facilitator, to which I had no regrets of course!
The Pau(s) were a great bunch!
Will see you Pau(s) when school starts!!!!

And for those of you who are wondering if the [sun-kissed one] i mentioned is in any of the pictures there, I might say yes. Hahakz.
Too many? Oh well then. Let's play "Where's ________?"
(I'm sure y'all grew up playing "Where's Wally?" right?)
I might have a prize for the one who guesses correctly!


Blogger YK said...

Wah...I saw my name!!!

Seem to have a lot of fun in the game..wah...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Anonymous I~sha said...

hmmph call me makcik some more! *rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles*..you wouldn't wanna mess with THIS makcik!

the real truth is, i was supposed to act out "I have a sexy, naughty, bitchy grandmother who lives on Apple Street"...like, what the hell...took my mates some time tho..

BUT!! it was worth it, cos my team came first!! HA! PTTTHHH!!
and what happened to ur "other" crush? miss skinny and chi chi? no more redi ah?heheheheheheeheheheheheeheee.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


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