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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Be With Me Launch Party

Well well, I had to leave y'all hanging the last time.

The other two suspects who were there have already posted their take on the event:

To read Stefan's: http://anutshellreview.blogspot.com
To read Lokman's: http://dgital.blogspot.com

I was covering the Cathay Classics series over at Cinelesiure with Fazzy joining me. Prior to the show, Stefan had contacted me about meeting up after our respective events to go home together. Little did I know my night would be unforgettable.

And so, immediately after my event ended, I contacted Stefan who was still at Bar None with Lokman. And nicely enough, they enquired if they could get me in.
Without much hesitation, I rushed over to Bar None, in record time nonetheless.
I had a slight hassle at the door as I thought I couldn't go in as it was a private party and all...The bouncers weren't helpful I tell ya.
And when Stefan came out, we couldn't see the lady who he was asking permission from to allow me in. I ended up asking the bouncers if i could go in and they said yeah.
KNN. Made me stand there and wait like stupid F**K.

Inside, I discovered to my horror that both Stefan and Lokman had run out of batteries for their cameras and that they had not talked to Eric Khoo or the other cast members at all.
Made me wonder if they were drinking the whole time away. Wahahah.
And lo! I had my camera with me. And, I decided to lead the charge in trying to talk to the cast and crew. Saw Eric Khoo talking to friends and then saw Ezann Lee and Samantha Tan being interviewed by a reporter. Wanted to attack the girls first but I found a window of opportunity to talk to Eric Khoo. We traipsed over to him and hung around and he looked over and I smiled. He continued talking to someone else and the moment he was done, I pounced and introduced ourselves as being from movieXclusive.com, to which I asked for a photo and then got Stefan and Lokman to talk to him. Wahaha. And that was when Eric Khoo spilled his drink on Stefan.
Lokman gave Eric Khoo his namecard (lucky bugger) and they talked a bit more. Eric seemed a tad drunk by then and all he could muster was "ok ok" and "cool coooool".

Done with that, we went back to the ladies who were still being interviewed. When the reporter was done, the group on the sofa next to the ladies didn't do anything and started looking around. I took the chance once again and this time I literally pounced onto the seat that was adjoining to Samantha Tan and introduced ourselves again. Stefan and Lokman weren't really prepared for it at that moment (neither was I lah). Had slight trouble as we didn't know the group next to them were actually their minders. Exchanged formalities and asked for a short interview. And at the spur of the moment, I got up and pushed Stefan onto the chair (stupidly, I know). Wahahaha.

But, I then shoved my camera at Lokman and knelt down on the floor near them when Ezann smiled at me (!!!!!!!!!!)
We managed to get what we wanted and even got a group picture out of it.
And then, Lokman suggested taking personal photos and the girls obliged.
What made it feel like heaven was having them around me everytime a photo was taken to see the results. Wooooooooo~
This was all done much to the dismay of their minders of course. Wahaha. Up yours!

And, we soon left in extremely high spirits. I didn't take a sip at all and I was appearing the more tipsy of the lot. We called the Chief and Richard telling them about our night.
Rounded it off at Starbucks when we kept going on and on and on about it all.

Heaven, I'm in heaven.

Aiyohhhh. Ezann so sweet lah in person.
But hey, in this state of heaven, Felicia, I still loyal to you hor!


Blogger ejmarriola said...

hey!!!!!! how was be with me??? i wanna catch it when it opens. worth the time and money seeing????

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blogger Lecter said...

haven't seen yet lah!

That was only the launch party lah...

Anyhoo, it should be worth seeing.

Will be watching it on Wed.
Do call me up if you wanna know how it is! Hehehe

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blogger YK said...

Nice one! I saw you in school on that day. :)

Sunday, September 04, 2005


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