I am The Shai.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Friendship Remains

An almost empty glass of chocolate milkshake sits at the edge of the black plastic table. Another sip. Off I went to find you. How long has it been? A good 5 months. And you my friend, as pretty as ever.

A musical. An artist and her romance. A turbulent time and a bowl of fruit. A good performance, a good evening. Georgette worth its admission. Viva La Musical Theatre Limited!

Dinner with new found friends amidst baked rice, meunieres and celebrity brownies. You stole a fry and then another. There were no fries for me to steal in return. Of diving stories and musical projects, of "touchy" friends and lovelessness.

A nice little walk. The past behind. A goodbye hug.

Like the bowl of fruits, friendship remains. Stronger than ever.

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