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Monday, April 02, 2007

Makcik Famous

Someone famous was back in town on Saturday. Wahaha!
Finally, after a WHOLE YEAR, I met our famous makcik (Jangan marah hor Kak Min) again!

See! She's a diva because she can! But diva with no airs lah...

Anyhoo, our dearest director was in town for a screening of Mukhsin, which is also another case of being released a bit too late here but better late then never, nemind.

So, since she was gonna be there, what else, didn't wait lah in buying the tickets. And oh, I had the most wonderful company too by the way.

Mukhsin was good, Kak Min herself proclaiming it to me that it's her most favourite of her works by far.

The best parts were smiling at the scenes I got to see filmed. Hahakz. Coolness.

Onwards to the next one then Kak Min!


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