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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Remembing Heath Ledger

I always get sick in my stomach when I hear of the passing of an actor or performer.
But Heath Ledger's passing really felt like a kick in the gut.

Why you ask? Because we're only left with the fantastic acts he's pulled on the screen and we can't see more from him.

Here was an actor from our generation, one who could possibly be the Gary Oldman of our time for his ability to disappear into a character and doing it so darn well too. (An exception would be Johnny Depp of course but he's in a league of his own) Sigh.

I'm thinking of organizing a Heath Ledger evening or marathon. What will happen is that we will watch his movies and then go straight to the cinemas for a screening of The Dark Knight. What say you? Anyone keen on this?

Goodbye Heath. Thanks for the memories.

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