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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RIP Chris Benoit

If there is one thing that many don't know is that wrestling has been very much a part of my life since I was a child. Of course, grappling with my father and cousin back then doesn't count as actually wrestling but I grew up watching the sport. In fact, besides the tons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures I had, I also had almost every known wrestler action figure in my possession, complete with the wrestling ring. And it also of no surprise then that I would recreate my own star-studded dream matches which only fans could dream of seeing. That, coupled with the fact that wrestling is called sports entertainment, come to think of it, might have been a contributing factor to my liking for theatrics. HAHA.

Still, I've been more of a reader in recent times than a spectator. I've to resort to WWE.com for up to date results of weekly shows considering I've absolute zero time to watch it on TV.

So, what's the point of this entry on wrestling then you ask?

On a more sombre note, the picture above is that of Chris Benoit, who recently passed and even made the cover page of our local papers. Next to him is his best friend, the late Eddie Guerrero. Both men represent and embody what wrestling is all about. They both had to battle their demons and have had their fair share of having to climb the ladder to success. Therefore, it was fitting then in 2004 that both of them managed to win the most prestigious honour in the wrestling circle, the World Championship.

I've never really posted an entry about wrestling despite the many tragic deaths the sport has seen over the years. But, it's different this time.

Sure I love Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for their rebellious streak and bringing much comedy to the sport or as of late, Ken Kennedy for replacing the both of them. However, there was always one wrestler I had admired the most. The one I would choose everytime I played the WWE games. The Rabid Wolverine. The Crippler. Chris Benoit. It isn't a secret that he is widely recognised as one of the best techincal wrestlers around.

Also, in 2002, I managed to meet the man himself when he came to Singapore to do a promotional run before the actual event. Had he not passed, he would've been at Bugis on July 6th this year. And I thought that I could watch him in action again, live, come July 28.

I don't want to go into the details of his death and that of his family's. I want to live with the memory of a determined man, passionate to the core for his craft. This is an awfully tragic loss and I don't know if watching wrestling will ever be the same again.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spectacular Spectacular!

Spectacular Spectacular!
What a way to end and what a way to start!

Spectacular Spectacular!
The tale of Jennifer and Shawn is complete!

Spectacular Spectacular!
Jennifer and Shawn to take the stage and film?

Spectacular Spectacular!
And bring on Ivy Lee to make things complete!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Yellow Birthday Dedication

I stared out of my window, the big tree in front of my room I had expected to see was now naked, shivering with the breezes of the morning wind. To sit by my window and observe the world awaking was what I wanted to do that Saturday morning but I knew I could not. I had to shower, get dressed and go out.

All that done, I grabbed my stuff and the all important set of black keys. I stepped out and walked along the corridor I have treaded on for almost twenty years now. I walked along the sheltered walkways and the void deck of the other block. And yet, from afar, I could see the time. The time, high above everything else in the vicinity, like a beacon, like a call to arise.

This was a Saturday morning and I smiled when I reached the building and couldn't see the time anymore.

The exchanging of a pleasantry and the passing of a key. A plain wooden door on the third floor. It was all plain and dark from the outside but on the inside. Oh God, on the inside, it held the most powerful thing a youth could have. A power, placed in the wrong hands would lead to the crashing and burning of a potential prodigy. Beyond the plain wooden door laid a whole world of dreams created by youths.

And two years on, the dreams and the passion burn even stronger for these youths. I still walk the same route as I have done for the past two years. And as I walk, I look at my reflection in the windows of the houses I pass by and I see change. I see the same smile but the smile was a more serious one, one that had something on its mind.

And in the room beyond the plain wooden door, I looked at the big mirror. I looked at the reflections of the talents that have graced the room in the past two years. Some have left, some have taken up permanent residence. And in their eyes, their smiles, I saw a maturity, like a blooming flower, like a leaf changing its colour. In them, I saw a hope. In all of us, I see a future.

Happy 2nd Birthday Yellow Chair Productions.
To many more Saturdays, to many more Productions, to many more Youths, to many more Years, to many more Yellow Chair Productions.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Company of Heroes

The famous catchphrase of post-Yellow Chair session, "go somewhere cheap to eat" was heard countless times. Boneless tandoori chicken with white rice, potato and eggs for lunch. Just $5 but filled me to the brim. Always good to have a nice cheap lunch that actually fills the stomach.

Damage: $6.60 (had drinks also mah)

Sharing a "Bone Appetit" from Ben & Jerry's with two other guys. A tender gay moment in a threesome filled with the sounds of a pre-pubescent, all-boy Acapella group singing "More Than Words". An explosion of flavours in each mouth, how apt the initials of the place at that very moment, B&J. Ice-cream can be pretty orgasmic, whether you eat it off a cone, from a spoon or licking it.

Damage: $16.50 (I think I still owe you some change Fiq)

A tall glass of "Summer Passion" at TCC SMU. A sourish sweet not sweet sour aftertaste that was actually pleasing. Discovery that Yaz and I were dressed in black jacket, black t-shirt and similar shade jeans led to more gay jokes. With such company, lameness flew across the cafe, causing numerous laugh till you cry moments. Aishah almost did.

Damage: $5.90

A day filled with different types of food. It didn't end. Somewhere cheap again? Yes. Sakura Restaurant at Capitol Centre. Food took a backseat, serious conversations about hopes and expectations for the future were discussed. And then peer pressure made its presence.

Damage: $5++?

I was dragged, after much persuasion, to a LAN gaming place. To join Fiq and Yaz in their personal battle at Company of Heroes. Victory is always sweet, especially when it's 4 times in a row. Of course, Yaz is the better gamer but still, a win's a win. Ended up going home late yet again.

Damage: $6

Spending time with a Company of Heroes (Fiq, Yaz, Aishah and Man)?

Damage: Priceless.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Friendship Remains

An almost empty glass of chocolate milkshake sits at the edge of the black plastic table. Another sip. Off I went to find you. How long has it been? A good 5 months. And you my friend, as pretty as ever.

A musical. An artist and her romance. A turbulent time and a bowl of fruit. A good performance, a good evening. Georgette worth its admission. Viva La Musical Theatre Limited!

Dinner with new found friends amidst baked rice, meunieres and celebrity brownies. You stole a fry and then another. There were no fries for me to steal in return. Of diving stories and musical projects, of "touchy" friends and lovelessness.

A nice little walk. The past behind. A goodbye hug.

Like the bowl of fruits, friendship remains. Stronger than ever.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

First Draft

At nightfall, it was quite a fight. The eyelids and the power of snooze. Twice, I gave in.

My fingers tried caressing the keyboard but it ended up bumbling like a virgin on his wedding night. The more they tried to tease, the more it ended up looking more like a violation. And still I fought. Fought hard from letting my head hit the keyboard.

But, by the time the sun rose, my fingers and the keyboard worked in tandem. Strangers no more. The click-clacking, the first sounds of the morning. And snooze had lost. It couldn't sustain anymore. It had to give in to the power of words.

And I eventually finished the first draft of the script. Alhamdulillah.

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